How Intolerant Were American's in the 1920's?

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Quite intolerant, to put it mildly. Lynchings (of Blacks, mostly) were still common. The Civil Rights Act didn't even exist, and "Jim Crow" laws (separate drinking fountains, seats on buses, ability to own property in certain areas) were rampant, not only in the South. Jews were forced into pretty much the same types of urban ghettos they had left in Europe and Russia. Latinos in California had their land stolen basically worked for slave wages on farms there. Chinese and Japanese immigrants were also badly treated and like Blacks and Jews, herded into segregated neighborhoods, usually dubbed "Chinatown". Even Italian and Irish immigrants were seen as second-class citizens and along with many Jews, resorted to organized crime to make a living, especially in cities like New York and Boston. Native Americans had been on reservations, eking out a living since the Indian Wars of the late 1800's, and were still barred, like Blacks, from entering places like "White" restaurants, clubs and stores. Women didn't get the vote until 1920, but it didn't improve tolerance for their rights much. They were still seen as less than equal, discouraged in pursuing higher education and told their only purpose was to be a wife and mother. Women like Margaret Sanger and Emma Goldman who advocated birth control were actually jailed! Workers in general were treated badly, such as by mining companies, who even refused bathroom breaks to workers, forcing them to urinate in their clothes! If they tried to form unions, like the IWW, they were arrested without cause, usually beaten and jailed. The anti-Communist/anti-worker hysteria following the Bolshevik revolution in Russia began the routine persecution of anyone who supported rights for workers. Children had no rights and were often beaten and even "sold", though not officially. Teachers were allowed to use corporal punishment and
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