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Womans Right in Middle East Essay

  • Submitted by: amberann14
  • on December 3, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Womans Right in Middle East" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

ali Muhammad

Ms. Scales-World Geography

1st period

May 20st, 2013

Women’s rights in the Middle East

All around the world women play different roles and jobs that contribute to society and their personal life. In certain areas of the world woman are more dominant than the males, in other areas woman are the least important. Many of these women living in the middle east deal with the troubles of abuse, torture, the absence of a say in society, and the disadvantage to decide what to wear and who to talk to. With the male sex being dominant, woman rights in the Middle East are unevenly distributed.

The Taliban is a Middle Eastern political movement. It is mainly known for its brutal treatment towards woman. The Taliban was influenced by Deobandi fundamentalism. After the act began all woman and girls were forced to withdraw out of schools and colleges. Along with being forbidden to have the right to be educated, the women were also not allowed to have a job. With woman not having a job and making a earning, many schools started to shut down due to the fact that teachers were mainly females. As for the boys that are permitted to go to school are getting the minimum education. The Middle East is the most populated area with the lowest literacy rate in woman. Women are forbidden to have a full citizenship, making them less important and countable in the area. In February of the year 1998, the rules and regulations of the Taliban became more severe and harsh. The religious police forced all women off of the streets, ordering people to blacken their windows, so women can’t be revealed to the public eye.

Although women are traditionally placed as a secondary role in society, they still have many other roles to play in their families. The female’s main roles are motherhood, socialization and family nurturing. The woman in the Middle are Expected to stay at home, obey their husbands, raise the children, stay at home and avoid participation in the public...

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