How Infidelity Affect Biff

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Running head: HOW INFIDELITY AFFECTS BIFF How Infidelity Affects Biff in Death of a Salesman Lillie Momon Shorter University How Infidelity Affects Biff in Death in a Salesman As we all know, infidelity is being unfaithful or disloyal to your spouse or significant other, just as Willy Loman cheated on his wife Linda in the movie, Death of a Salesman. When mistrust creeps into a marriage the first to notice are the children. Children need to be raised by two trusting parents. So, the effects of infidelity on families can be devastating, especially on children. Sometimes when cchildren are betrayed by their love ones they tend to struggle with anger the most, just as Biff was affected by infidelity in the movie, Death of a Salesman. While Willy tried to raise perfect sons, he wrestled with himself between reality and denial of his son Biff, catching him in the hotel room with his mistress while on a business trip in Boston. Biff was a great football player; many universities had offered him scholarships but during that year Biff fail math by one point and had gone to Boston to tell his father the devastating news and for his father to come home and ask his math teacher to give him the one point he needed to enter college. When Biff reaches Willy's hotel room in Boston, he sees his dad with another woman and this discovery made Biff see his father as a fake. Biff, said to his dad “you are a fake; you are a liar, a liar” (Miller, 1958). The infidelity hurt Biff so much that he lost all respect for his dad. Biff failure in life is a result of Willy’s Loman infidelity. Happy and Biff reminisce about the good old days when they were young. Although Happy, thirty-two, is younger than Biff, he is more confident and more successful. Biff seems “worn, apprehensive, and confused” (Miller 1998). Happy, observes how Willy talks to Biff about his

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