How I Learned to Walk Tall

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I grew up in Selmer, Tennessee, thinking that it was the smallest old-fashioned town; however, I thought wrong! There is a town a couple minutes east from me known as Walking Tall, which was built around one stop light. Now that is a small town! Just imagine the number of spectators at sporting events or community events. Community pride shows because these activities are packed like a can of sardines! I would know because I attended school in Adamsville, located right outside of the Walking Tall area. Also visualize the jamming traffic I had to go through to get to school and even worse, work. Yeah, I said work! Some people have to work for their wants! My wants were just about every day; henceforth, I had to become employed. My first job experience was a get-out-of-the-house-kind-of situation. It was the summer of 2011 of my junior year, and I found myself working at Jack’s Restaurant one Monday in June. My job was going well for the first few weeks of training; I enjoyed being there and serving customers with a smile. We sold every type of chicken anyone could think of. We even had hot sauce like Popeye’s chicken. To say we had all the works was an understatement. Weeks passed, and it seemed like things were changing. What I meant by changing were my so-called “fellow” coworkers’ actions towards me. It didn’t come with the simple techniques of interacting with coworkers, complimenting on good tasks, or helping others when needed. I felt like I was living in the time of slavery. Let me dig down deeper into the experience I went through. I am a very sociable person who will talk to anybody. My fellow employees were gathered up in the manager’s office having a good conversation with the manager. I wanted to join in also. I thought some collaboration would come out of it so I joined their pleasant conversation. “Brianne, clean off the tables, take out

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