How Has Interstate 40 Affected America

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Interstate 40 in Putnam County The Interstate System has affected America in many ways. It has brought businesses and people to its linking cities. It has encouraged Americans to travel to see new places. But, it has also had some negative affects. Many workers have died during the construction of the Interstate System (Odem). Also, many people have had to give up their land and move to make room for this system of roads to bind America. One of these roads is Interstate 40. This Interstate travels across 2,554.22 miles in eight states (McNichol 297). One of these states is Tennessee. Tennessee contains 455 miles of Interstate 40 which is the most out of any other state (McNichol 297). In Tennessee, I-40 runs through twenty counties (McNichol 297). One of these counties is Putnam County. In Putnam County, I-40 runs through Cookeville. Cookeville has greatly benefited from the Interstate System (Howell). Interstate 40 has brought many businesses to the…show more content…
This road was very windy and treacherous for travelers, but many people still used it because it was all that was available for traveling through Putnam County. But, when the Interstate System began to grow, people in the area became interested in a new idea. This idea was a road, a road that was four paved lanes, safe to travel on, and faster. Engineers mapped this new road, Interstate 40. This road was mapped to go through Putnam County. County leaders recognized that this would be a great advantage for the county. The new road would bring a new highway plus economic increases. Original plans showed the Interstate going through Jackson County, but Judge Luke Medley along with local citizens persuaded the Governor’s Planning Board to change the course of the interstate. In 1958, the contract for the Interstate in Putnam County was signed by Highway Department officials. The construction of the interstate in Putnam County took

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