How Gandhi Is a Hindu

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How Gandhi epitomises hinduism Mohandas Gandhi exemplifies hinduism in many positive ways but he also is unable to completely fulfill hindu beliefs and religion. Gandhi started liking religion when he was just a boy and grew on to it since. He tried to follow hinduism in every possible way. some however were just too much for him and he let his outside influences change his way of hinduism. He did live out his life in the four stages of hinduism and he lived as a hindu the best he could all the way through his death. However, many obstacles of humanity gandhi was not able to overcome. The major ideals of Hinduism were held up and he still considered himself a hindu and a believer in god. Gandhi was a hindu in many ways. He was born on October 2nd 1869 as a hindu and he lived his life out as a hindu. Although the movie does not show gandhi’s stage of student he is portrayed first as a householder. He then gets married to his wife and although he does not have any children he does retreat from his worldly bonds. His wife does not come with him on his many journeys. Many of which are to far away places so he can preach his beliefs. the last stage of sannyasin is when gandhi comes back to india and tries to liberate it. He stays detached from almost everyone and is able to preach the people of india and get them to work together. he perfectly fills the definition of this stage of life. The exact definition is “one who neither hates nor desires” gandhi does not hate anyone and this is proven through his love for the british people who still beat and persecute indians. Gandhi was a hindu all the way through death but he still loved the other religions. he was not a radical and he maintains his belief in dharma. he fulfils this dharma and does it with ethical duty. for example, even though the hindu and muslims were fighting when the hindu man comes to gandhi and says

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