Compare And Contrast Gandhi And Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King, Jr. & Gandhi Gandhi and Martin Luther King are alike in so many ways, they were both non-violent leaders and they both stood up for what they believed was right. Although the circumstances and goals might have been a little different, the principle was the same. They never let the criticism of others influence them in a negative way. They both had many followers and supporters. They both gave amazing speeches and influenced the media in a positive way. Gandhi can be best described as a humble, peaceful, wise, spiritual, ethical, modest, and courageous man. He was humble because even when he had accomplished all of these great things he never gloated and he never expected anything in return except the satisfaction of doing what he thought was right. One of Gandhi’s amazing accomplishments was when he led a 200 mile Salt March so that the people of India could make and gather their own salt. His goal was for the people of India not to buy salt from the British. Another one of Gandhi’s great accomplishment was when he led India to independence from Great Britain. Gandhi proved that you could get results by staying non-violent. Martin Luther King Jr., can be best described as a brave, brilliant, nice, caring, strong, thoughtful, loving, and a peaceful man. Much like Gandhi he was a strong believer in the…show more content…
Both Gandhi and King fought for what they believed in, and they both won and are now very well- known across the world. They both made an extraordinary impact on the world. They made history. Both King and Gandhi are two of the greatest and most influential leaders known today, because no matter how badly people constantly criticized them for what they believed in and no matter how hard people tried to bring them down, both King and Gandhi never gave
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