How Far to the Sources Agree That the Philosophy of Separate Spheres Implied That Women Were Inferior to Men?

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How far to the sources agree that the philosophy of separate spheres implied that women were inferior to men? The two spheres were very different, a women’s sphere was restricted to the home while the men weren’t restricted inside or outside and could take part in politics and business. Women were generally seen as less important and inferior and therefore could not cross into the man’s sphere as Sources 1 and 3 agree. I believe the sources partly agree with this statement because both source 1 and 3 mention the Christian beliefs that God is responsible for the separate sphere for women, as eve was made form Adam and therefor is weaker. Source 1 states that “God has put a difference between the sexes’ and tha ¬t men and women are ‘designed to move in separate spheres’. This implies that women are too delicate for the outside world and aren’t ‘designed’ to take on the world of work and politics as they were not created to be equal. However source 1 is taken from the Christian library and is exaggerating in order to agree with the bible and persuade the reader of its views. Women must remain in the safety of the home looking after their husband and children. They aren’t seen as tough as men, and therefore inferior. Women weren’t allowed the vote as they were seen as to irrational to make knowledgeable decisions. Source 3 tells us, ‘Women has no to call the ballot-box’. This is because women were seen as less important and too ignorant to be able to vote. They didn’t need to vote as it wouldn’t have a direct effect on the sphere. This meant man was superior as they controlled who governed the country. Women were not expected to be educated and think by themselves. This is made clear in source 1 ‘Thought is, or ought to be, the characterising feature of man, and feeling the characterising feature of the women’. A woman’s job was to offer emotional support for her
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