How Far Do You Agree That The New Deal Was A Success Up To 1941?

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How far do you agree that the New Deal was a success up to 1941? I do agree that the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was a success as it created jobs, saved banks from an upcoming crisis and restored confidence in millions of Americans, but I only agree that it was successful to a certain extent. Even though the New Deal has been praised for its ‘three R’s’ plan (Relief, Recovery and Reform) America was never able to get past the relief stage, although this never hindered plans and works of relief and recovery e.g. The Civilian Conservation Corps were initially a relief project which was supposed to give immediate help for jobless Americans. However, it lasted for eight years, until World War Two stopped the depression. Since the Second World War ended the depression the recovery part of the New Deal did not contribute in helping the country as it was intended too, but rather improving the state of the country. I think that the New deal was definitely successful when it focussed on Reform e.g. The blue eagle badge, the NIRA established the National Recovery Administration (NRA), which attempted to stabilize prices and wages through cooperative "code authorities" involving government, business, and labour. The NRA allowed business to create a multitude of regulations imposing the pricing and production standards for all sorts of goods and services. With these set prices there was sales distribution between different, competitive companies and initially, American would buy from blue eagle badge stores as it is presidentially approved. One of the most important aspects of the New Deal was people’s attitudes towards it and the government. In many ways this aspect was a success as it had a generally positive effect and helped to restore faith in the government. Although the government used a lot of tax payer’s money, the majority of the money was spent on improving
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