How did the economy create opportunities for hitler

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How Far Did the Economy create Opportunities for Hitler and the Nazi’s 1924-29? The Economy in Germany helped create several opportunities for Hitler and the Nazi’s to gain acclaim and greater sway with the German people. However I don’t believe that some of the bigger opportunities for Hitler to gain power came specifically from the economy. The German Economy was in a bad way throughout the years 1924-1929. the economy had only just recovered from the tragic and disastrous hyperinflation of 1923 which saw the country crippled and the German currency plummet in value to as low 20,000 million marks to the point, considering that 5 years previous it was only 20 marks to the pound this was unbelievably bad. This however was supposedly solved by the intervention of the Dawes Plan of August 1924. This made the current German governments popularity grows as they had seemingly saved Germany from certain disaster. This denied Hitler and opportunity in that he could not come out and attack the government as they had been able to save Germany’s economy. However elsewhere in the country problems were beginning to remerged. An economic crisis was happening in agriculture and Industry. The Nazi’s under Hitler’s guidance began to claim support from an unlikely source in 1927. The farmers. The SPD has scrapped the policy of protection that had banned the cheap imports of foreign food. While this policy had stood the German farmers were gaining a profit and making a decent living for they were able to sell their produce as it was the best and most locally available to the people. This move by the SPD gave Hitler a considerable berth within which he could forge a link with the rural community, which he did, very effectively. He and his party began attacking high interest rates imposed by banks and promised a people’s community in which tariffs would be restored,
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