How Far Do You Agree That the Weimar Republic Was Seriously Threatened by Political Extremists in the Years 1919 to 1924?

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The Weimar republic faced many problems whilst in power that could seriously damage their reputation and even throw them out of power. Some of the main problems that faced the government were the spartacists, Right wing terrorists and their actions. But there were other factors that were not the fault of the extremists but other accumulating factors that threatened the Weimar republic which included the respirations that Germany had to pay, that occupation Ruhr which help led to hyperinflation and the growing threat of the Nazi party One way the Weimar republic was threatened was by the Spartacists who were left wing rebellions and extremeists. In January 1919, the Communists rose up in revolt in Berlin. In every sense it was a futile gesture against the government. Ebert withdrew his government to the safety of Weimar and allowed the Freikorps and what remained of the regular army to bring peace and stability back to Berlin once again. No mercy was shown to the Spartacists/Communists whose leaders were murdered after being arrested. Ebert's actions in calling for Freikorps help quite possibly prevented an all-out Communist revolution in Germany on the Soviet model. In addition, while the SPD would retain power through much of the Weimar period, the division of the two "working class " parties divided their influence and made it easier for the Nazis to claim that the democratic system was unworkable while dividing the votes of the two leftist parties making it easier for Hitler to take power. Another way the Weimar republic was threatened by political extremists is by the right wing terrorists and the Kapp-Putsch incident. The Kapp-Putsch occured when two Freikorps (mercenaries) refused to disband, as required by the Treaty of Versailles. This group consisted of members of the paramilitary Freikorps and had the support of many army officers. Kapp was a right
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