How Does Social Media Affect Relationships?

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Social Media has become a major form of communication across the world. As the world becomes continuously more interactive with advancements in communication technologies, social behavior is widely popular and it seems the majority of the masses have become addicted to being a part of social networking websites. Whether sending pictures via Instagram or sending messages via Facebook or Twitter one can’t deny the impact that social media has on culture. People are actively participating on social media sites for example the widely popular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Myspace. Social media websites have allowed people to make new friends, and have fostered many relationships. The impact of actively participating on social media sites is not always a wise decision; it can affect relationships and peoples reputations. Information disclosed on social networking sites can have a negative effect on relationships compared to more traditional interactions, such as instant messaging or face-to-face interactions. Social media can be a valuable source of connecting people together and enhancing relationships but it can also cause conflict and hurt relationships between people. Many people that use social media have stated that it doesn’t only affect their lives daily, but also their close relationships. Social media can affect any type of relationship whether between friends, significant others, and parents in both a positive and negative way. Communication is the key in most lasting relationships. Instead of spending quality time with each other social media can have a negative effect on relationships. The constant use of using social media to know what is happening in the lives of others doesn’t often play out positively for relationships. It is important that considerable time is spent with the ones that are close and that the time spent on social networking is limited.

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