How Does Language Reveal Romeo's Character?

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How does Romeo’s language reveal his character? Romeo, the 16 year old lovesick and lustful son of Montague, is the main character of the famous novel of Romeo and Juliet. The play was written by the 17th century play writer and actor, William Shakespeare. The play was written in the Elizabethan Era, also known as ‘The Renaissance’, this was a time of significant change in religion, politics, and science. The play was set in Verona, Italy. Romeo enters Act 1 Scene1 mourning over his unrequited love for the satisfied and pure Rosaline. However his affection for Rosaline is soon forgotten in Act 2 Scene2, when he spotted the innocent and humble Juliet, while gate crashing the Capulet’s party. This leaves the audience thinking how bad Romeo is of committing Lust. The use of ‘civil blood’ prepares the audience for the tragedy that will take place. The color red in blood represents the anger and hatred between the families. Furthermore it suggests the love and passion, Romeo has for Juliet. The grudge which has been passed down through the generations is like inheritance. The cause of the grudge has been forgotten, but treated like tradition. The evilness of the ‘parent’s strife’ led to the deaths of many civilians and their children. They caused themselves the trouble of losing their own. This is ironic because usually children cause the trouble. In addition the parents kill the grudge with their children, as it caused the problem first. This leaves the audience shocked because in the Elizabethan Era, suicide and bigamy are both seen as mortal sins. (not completed, i need helllllllpppppppppppp plz
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