How Does Duty Of Care Contribute To Safe Practice

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Principles for implementing duty of Care Outcome 1 Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice Duty of care as a domiciliary care worker is to put each individuals needs first ensuring that their needs are met, ensuring no harm can come to them as a direct result of my actions acting within the level of my ability under the polices the government has in place. My employer also has a duty of care to me ensuring a safe working environment and that all equipment is maintained correctly. Duty of care safe guards individuals when they are at their lowest in their lives and can not do it for themselves where they are at a risk of injury to themselves abuse by others where it be by family friends anyone they come into contact with. We need to…show more content…
This action will put us both at risk we need to explain that we can not do it as if they were to fall then we would have to call ambulance to lift them up the safe way would be to carry on with the hoist the client still doesn’t like it so we explain that the team leader will come in to see them. We need to tell the manager so as not to put anyone at risk and document what has been asked of us. We must also ensure confidentiality at all times. We do not put ourselves at risk or the client and always ask for help if we feel that we can not handle the situation on our own. We are all accountable for our own actions and never be afraid to ask for help, extra training and support. The senior carer the team leader should be the first point of contact and if they can not help they will take it too the manager. Who would refer to standards, policies and procedures new risk assessments would be carried out if needed and communicate with others to get the dilemma sorted out. Outcome
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