How Did Jackie Robinson Changed History

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There was a time in history where colored people and white people were not allowed to play sports together. At that time, teams were segregated and frowned upon if they had someone “different” playing in their team. But on April 15th, 1947, one man had changed history in the sports field. His name was Jackie Robinson and he was the first African American to play in an all white baseball team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. Though this was looked down on by many baseball fans and anyone else who believed that whites and colored people should be separated, he went on and changed history in baseball forever. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo Georgia, January 31st, 1919. He went to John Muir High School and attended Pasadena Junior College. Jackie was very into playing sports while in school. He played football, basketball, track and baseball. Though he had a passion for sports, he decided to go into the army in 1942. After leaving the United States Army in 1944, he started playing professional baseball. Robinson had always played on colored teams but soon enough, Branch Rickey wanted him to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. By playing in the Dodgers, he would integrate major league baseball. Since he decided to play, Jackie helped the Dodgers win the World Series in 1955. Since he…show more content…
After his death, his wife Rachel Robinson had created the Jackie Robinson foundation to honor his life and work. The foundation helped those by giving college scholarships, mentoring programs and ensuring that students of color will success in college and develops their leadership potential. So far, 1,400 students from 43 states have benefited from the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Not only did this man break the barrier in the history of sports, he also inspired a creation that changed the lives of many colored students today. He created a turning point in baseball history and in the lives of others

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