How Did Henry Knox Influence The Military

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General Henry Knox was born on July 25, 1750 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents of Scots-Irish origin William Knox and Mary Campbell. His father William was a ship captain from St Eustatius who died in 1759 due to mental stress from financial trouble. Henry left school at the age of twelve, and became a clerk in his mother’s book store to help support her. Henry Knox was self educated in military subjects (especially artillery) and at the age of eighteen he joined Boston Grenadier Corps in 1772. Henry Knox married Lucy Flucker, the daughter of a Boston loyalists, on June 6 , 1774. In spite of separations due to his military service , they remained a devoted couple for the rest of his life. In Henry Knox’s Military career he supported the American…show more content…
He held that position without interruption until September 12, 1789. Henry Knox was also involved in U.S. government policy involving signing treaties with the Native Americans with the intent of taking as much Native American land as possible. Henry Knox recommended to congress that the federal government increase the price of imported weapons, ban the handmade weapons and establish domestic government run weaponry. General Henry Knox as secretary urged and presided over the making of a regular United States Navy. He was also responsible for the relationship with the Indian population. On January 2, 1795, Knox left the government and returned back to his home in Thomaston, Maine to devote himself to caring for his growing family. He was succeeded in the position of Secretary of War by Timothy Pickering. After Henry Knox retired he represented Thomaston in the Massachusetts General Court. Eventually he became so unpopular that he lost his seat to a local blacksmith. He was also involved in lumbering, ship building, cattle farming, and brick manufacturing. He had assembled a large 1,000,000 acre real estate empire in Maine mostly through dishonesty and corruption. Eventually all of these businesses failed, building up staggering debts would ultimately bankrupt his heirs. While

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