How Did Boston Influence Poe's Life

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Boston – Edgar Allan Poe, 40, born January 19, 1809, passed away on October 7, 1849. He passed away at the hospital, for an unexplainable death took place. He preceded his death by his mother, Elizabeth Poe, Foster Mother Rosalie, wife Virginia Clemm. David and Elizabeth Poe had three children Henry, Edgar, and Rosalie. Unfortunately, for the family of siblings, David Poe passed away in 1805 as well as Elizabeth passed away at the age of 21 in 1811. Edgar was two years of age and soon after was taken into the care of John and Rosalie Allen. In 1829, Rosalie passed away at the age of 21 also. Poe began attending The University of Virginia. Later, John gave little or no money for his education and Poe was forced to withdraw; although,…show more content…
He was honored as Sergeant Major in the military. John later signed his applications to transfer in West Point, while waiting with his grandmother, aunt, and his brother Henry. In 1830, he was recruited to West Point and as a cadet. He didn’t stay for too long because his foster father John refused to send Edgar money. Poe is well known to be a very good writer, however, had no skills to meet job qualifications. He edited newspapers including ‘Southern Literary Messenger’, ‘Graham's Magazine’, ‘The Broadway Journal’ and Broadway soon came to a close with the company’s loss of money and Poe is back on the search of a job. Sadly enough, Virginia’s health began to fade and Poe was deeply distressed by it. Virginia passed away 10 days after Edgar’s birthday. Meanwhile, that happened at home, he also struggled financially and as an author whose fame was so limited. The familiar stories he wrote: “The Manuscript Found in a Bottle,” “Ligiea,” “The Haunted Palace,” “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” “The Gold Bug,” “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and the most recognized is “The Raven,” were not discovered as often till after his death. At the age of 40, Poe was found unconscious, and was rushed to the hospital in early October. His death is unknown and unsettling but his spirit lives on in his writing of Gothic literature and

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