How Chinese Immigrants Came To America

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Chinese Immigration (Excerpt from an Article)|CX3450700052&docType=GALE This article because it explains to you how Chinese immigrants came to America for an opportunity for work. Chinese Gold Rush…show more content…
Bureau of the Census. I then related to the population and how it affected the lack of jobs in America. This interested me because after the gold rush and the foreign miners tax, Chinese workers began to get other job to make money, making the Americans have no jobs cause them to have hatred over the Chinese immigrants. Exclusion Act (Didn’t allow immigrants into the United states for 10 years.) Lastly, I found the Exclusion Act, in which it didn’t allow any more immigrants into the United States. I used this article because it shows how American didn’t want to finish their work/ not do it because it was dangerous, so they let Chinese immigrants do it for them, and when they found gold/ made money they blamed them because they were taking their jobs away from an actual
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