Abq Immigration: DBQ Immigration From 1880 To 1925

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Johnathan Richardson DBQ Immigration 3B In the period from 1880 to 1925 the U.S. had millions of immigrants pour into America from all over the world for a variety of reasons. The U.S. government had two outlooks on the situation during this time period. The American people did not agree on the immigrants flowiing into America at such a high rate but as time went on the American.nto the other side of the political spectrum. Many of these theories were based off of racism and the feeling of Anglo-Saxon Supremecy. In 1880 U, S. Congress passed the Chinese exclusion act this act prohibited all Chinese Immigration into the United States, The Chinese were excluded from entering the U.S. because of their willingness to work for less money. The American…show more content…
African Americans felt that the government should know that they are loyal Americans because they have been here for hundreds of years and had shown their loyalty during their years of enslavement. Booker T. Washington felt that African Americans had proved their patriotic ways and said that the African American people would stand by the U.S. Government with a devotion that no foreiner can approach.(Doc. D) Another reason the American people became cautious of immigration was their feeling of Anglo- Saxon superiorty. Most of the European peoples immigrating to the U.S. were from Eastern or Southern Europe. These people where generally of a darker complection . The blonde- hair blue- eyed Americans did not want want their race to be unpure and to be “dirtied” with the other races that would be pouring into America (Doc. G) Americans also felt that immigrants would attempt to change the culture of America. They felt as if the immigrants would not assimilat e to American life. In the eyes of most Americans they where people who were trying to change the culture of
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