How Can Alternative Sources of Energy Harnessed Efectively

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Group 1 Task How can alternative sources of energy harnessed effectively? Your response to the task Using bio-friendly energy resources provide substantial benefits for our world. Nowadays it has been debated in newspapers and academic researches that renewable energy has provided lots of benefits to human race. Energy is everything. It comes in many forms such as heat, electricity, light, mechanical energy. Conventional energy sources for instance coal and oil are the main contributors to the global warming. Furthermore, these fossil fuels are not renewable. The good news is alternative sources of energy can replace the current technologies. These renewable energy sources are environmental friendly as they emit less carbon dioxide, compared to fossil fuels. Therefore, we have to work more on how to utilize the limited resources effectively and also find some other alternative renewable natural resources in order to harness the sources along with energy effectively. In order to harness effectively, it is essential to establish a mechanism which is harnessed by different kind of method and governments have to provide new biogas plants. Plant, human and animal waste can transform into biogas through the biological process. The gas which is produced is burned to create heat and electricity or is refined as a fuel of cars. Kristianad, which is Sweden, use the biological waste such as potato peels, manure, used cooking oil. It sources also include and oil landfill and sewerage ponds, as well as wood waste from flooring factories and tree pruning (Rosental, 2010 as cited in Reading & Writing Source book, 2012) It is very important to establish a mechanism in which sort of sources are harnessed by different kind of method. Specifically, used cooking oil should be delivered by special underground pipes while wood waste and tree pruning and transported to the

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