How Are Frankenstein and the Creature Similar? How Are They Different?

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Essay response: How are Frankenstein and the creature similar? How are they different? In the novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein is a professor that one night brings to life a superhuman monster, the creature. The creature is made up of body parts collected from graveyards and he is brought to life by electricity. Victor Frankenstein describes the creature to us as a ‘vile insect’, the ‘devil’, and a ‘daemon’. Victor is horrified by the creature and shuns its existence. Although Victors’ thoughts are clouded with hatred, Victor and the creature are somewhat alike. The following paragraphs include examples of similarities between Victor and the creature. The human race desires a sense of belonging. In the ambition for acceptance people choose to find a companion to share their lives with and to seek comfort with. In the text Frankenstein, Victor and the creature aspire for a connection. Victor Frankenstein wishes to marry his long life love and adopted cousin, Elizabeth. After Victors father adopts Elizabeth from her poor Italian family, Victor claims Elizabeth as his own. While growing up they were known as adopted cousins. Victor has always loved Elizabeth and vise versa, their love is everlasting. The creature desires a companionship. Humans do not offer any consolation to the creature, when humans lay their eyes upon him the reactions is harsh and crushing. The creature asks Victor for a mate much like himself to console his loneliness and fulfill his wishes. When he receives his mate, the creature offers to leave Victor and his family alone in peace. Victor has a longing thirst for knowledge. Victor Frankenstein attended the university of Ingolstadt and studied science. Victor learnt about natural philosophy and gained knowledge from his mentors in chemistry and mathematics. As a child, Victor did not have the usual
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