How and Why Does John Boyne Use Hints and Clues to Tell the Story of the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas?

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In the story of the boy in the striped pyjamas John Boyne tells us a tragic story set in World War 2 about a small boy called Bruno and his family. He uses hints and clues throughout the story leading up to its tragic ending. In the first chapter we get a hint that there is going to be a big change in Bruno’s life when he comes home to find the family maid packing his belongings into 4 large wooden crates, even the things that Bruno had hidden at the back of his wardrobe which were nobody else’s business. We also find out about how nieve Bruno is right from the beginning of the story that comes across in lots of hints and clues. When Bruno asks his mother asks his mother why they have to move from their house in Berlin she tells him it is because of his father’s job. In Bruno’s innocence he doesn’t understand why he has to move from his home in Berlin. I think the question John Boyne gives us is that Bruno is thinking why do we all have to move? Why can’t father just go? In chapter 4 Bruno and his older sister Gretel make an unusual discovery when they look outside Bruno’s bedroom window. John Boyne keeps us from knowing what is on the other side of the fence until we get further into the book. All the information given in the chapter is about the people is that they are wearing a pair of striped of grey striped pyjamas and a grey striped cloth cap and looking unhappy, some with bandages around their heads and others on crutches. Later on in chapter 5 some of Bruno’s innocence and nieveity is shown when he is talking to his father in his office. When he misunderstands what his father meant by ‘the fury has big things in mind for him’ Bruno thinks this means that his father is in trouble with the fury so he asks his father. ‘did you do something wrong , something that made the fury angry’ This shows that Bruno knows very little about what is going on as he

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