The Man Who Was Almost A Man Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis Throughout the life of someone they can accomplish many tasks that increase their reputation, but it only takes one discrepancy to leave harrowing effects that will degenerate their character within society. Ones actions can affect the way they are perceived, and how well they are respected by others. Often, a lack of respect can be devastating and can instill a sense of inferiority into someone. In “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”, Richard Wright uses conflict and setting to develop the theme of insecurity. The setting of this story is in a southern state in America during the 1960’s. This is historically representative of the racism and prejudice endured by African-American’s during this time period. Although African-Americans and whites were allowed to associate with one another, prejudice and segregation were still widespread. This situation may have influenced Richard Wright to write the story, because he instills hope into the most hopeless. The setting involves a farm, where white owners are taking advantage of African-Americans. Dave is one of those slaves, and he feels…show more content…
It demonstrates that people have flaws and that we look for ways to solve these problems. In the case of Dave, he is often conflicting with his fellow workers. He is put down, and feels ashamed, thinking that he isn’t a man. In order to solve this problem, re resorts to buying a gun, in which many cases merely escalates the issue. He is insecure about himself and the fact that he is not respected by his co-workers. His primary motive for buying a gun is that he can “earn” respect from them. This is rather absurd, as the reason they don’t respect him is because of a conflict that occurred. Owning a gun will most likely lead to further conflict, further destabilizing the situation. “Know whut this is, Jenny? Naw, yuh wouldn know! Yuhs jusa ol mule! Anyhow, this is a gun, n it

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