How a Relationship Turns Into / Becomes Unhealthy/ Sickly/Obsessive

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How a relationship turns into / becomes unhealthy/ sickly/obsessive I want to talk about unhealthy or sickly relationships/attachments/acquaintances between couples. I chose this topic because after reading the short stories I could find a common pattern that joined them. It is the problem of relations that were becoming obsessive or unhealthy, which led to cause tragic endings in the lives of one or both members of the couple. So the question is how a couple´s relationship becomes sickly. Some causes are: 1-DISLOYALTY: the disloyalty can be associated with betrayal, infidelity, lie or deceit. The disloyalty occurs when one member of the couple does not meet/fulfill the promised fidelity. This attitude can provoke the other member to react violently sometimes. This is the case of Betsy in "A GLOWING FUTURE" where her ex- partner, Maurice, had left her alone with promises to return and love that were not true. This unfair attitude made Betsy hates Maurice and takes the terrible decision to kill him. 2-JEALOUSY: these can be triggered or not. • In the story of "A GLOWING FUTURE" we can find a clear example of induced jealousy, where the character of Maurice constantly causes your partner with the news of his engagement with Patricia, his desire to settle in another country and the breakdown of the relationship between them. • In the story of "A GLOWING FUTURE" we see a situation of jealousy caused by Maurice whose selfish liar and disloyal behavior leads to his ex partner, Betsy, to kill him 3-SELFISHNESS: it has to do with the lack of interest in the other person and to profit only for personal gain. For example "MARIONETTES" Smith and Braling, both men of middle age, find themselves trapped in their marriages. Braling (whose wife is nervous and authoritarian) and Smith (whose wife is too dependent and constantly demands his presence and affection)

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