Emotional Disturbance In Hamlet Analysis

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Citino 1 Julia Citino Miss. Lysiak ENG 4U (2) July 17th, 2013 The tunnel through Emotional Disturbance Hamlet is one of the many tragic plays written by playwright William Shakespeare. The play demonstrates situations that most people would find unbearable. Richard Eyre, a critic of Shakespeare’s work, states that anyone who is very young and sensitive would feel the most chronic grief and the most emotional disturbance as a result of the scenarios presented in this play. To begin, Hamlet suffered overwhelming grief when he had to deal with the sudden heart wrenching loss of his father. Then, only two months later, Hamlet had to deal with the frustration of his mother marrying his uncle. Lastly, Hamlet became unsure of Ophelia’s love due to his mother’s actions which lead to his emotional breakdown. Therefore, Hamlet demonstrated significant signs of grief and disturbance as a result of the difficult situations he had to cope with. Initially, Hamlet found out devastating news of his father’s death that was very difficult for him to digest. It all came about when Hamlet’s friend Horatio saw the ghost of Hamlet’s dead father. Horatio…show more content…
Poor Hamlet loses his father who he deeply loved. To make things worse, the matter in which he died was disturbing. Not only was he murdered, but he was murdered by his own brother. Secondly, his beloved mother remarries only months after her husband’s death. Even more scandalous is that she married her husband’s brother. It is only normal that anyone would experience chronic and emotional disturbance as a result of this situation. This experience causes Hamlet to go mad and he unleashes his madness on Ophelia, who he feels he may no longer trust. He believes all women are weak and deceitful like
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