How a Butt Whooping Has Shaped My Life

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How a Butt Whooping Has Shaped my Life By: Terance Jerome Allen Introduction: Attention Arousing and Orientating Material: Now everyone knows that in some point and time in your childhood that you have been a bad boy or girl and you had to be punished for that. I know I was a bad little youngster and I had my share of butt whoopings. I received these butt whoopings because I did something that was wrong, rude, impolite, or disrespectful towards and elder or another person. With that said, during my childhood, I received my share of butt whoopings Thesis Statement: As I grew threw my childhood, and into a young adult, I understand why I received butt whoopings and the painful disadvantages to them as well Preview of Main Points: Let’s now take a look at both the values and disadvantages of a butt whooping Body: I. There are advantages, even though some people disagree, from receiving a butt whooping. 1. I grew up to be a respectful young man 2. Anytime I did something wrong, a butt whooping and why I received the butt whooping explained to me helped me learn not to ever do that again. ( Story about jumping out of my room window to go play after being told I can not go play outside) 3. It helped me to be quick on my feet, ducking and dodging the swings, hand and eye coordination, and lateral feet movement. ( Story about running away from butt whoopings) 4. I grew up with values instilled in me and knowing the difference between right and wrong. (Transition: And of course, butt whoopings, I believe, is the least like punishment any child would likely to receive.) II. Anything my mother or father got their hands on turned into a corporal punishment tool.   1. Belts 2. Switches 3. Shoes 4. Hands 5. Wet Towels Conclusion: Signal of completion: Let me end by saying that when I grew older and more mature, I

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