Hot Spring in Taiwan Essay

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Hot Springs in Taiwan Are you tired? Do you want to relax ? How about going to a hot spring ? Today Daniel takes us to the hot springs of Beitou, Taiwan, so let’s go! A hot spring is hot water that comes from under the ground. It is hot because a volcano makes the water hot. Many people go to hot springs in the winter. But you can enjoy a hot spring anytime! Beitou, Taiwan is in the northern part of Taipei. There are over 30 old and new hot springs in that area! It is a popular hot spring place. You can also visit a hot spring museum in Beitou. There is an old bathhouse in the museum. Many years ago, people could not take baths at home So they came to this bathouse and relaxed in the big pool downstairs. At mnay hot spring areas, there are different kinds of pools. You can find hot pools and cold pools. Fisrt, you go in a hot pool. When you feel too warm, you go into a cold pool. Some hotel spas or bathhouses have private hot springs. These hot springs are in smaller and quieter rooms. Hot springs are healthy . If you are not feeling well, you can sit in a hot spring. The water can help you feel better. Before you go into the water, check the water temperature. Some hot springs can be almost 93 degrees Celsius! When you are in the hot pool, don’t stay over 30 minutes. Hot water can make your body tired. Also, drink water before and after you go into the hot spring. Now go and enjoy a hot spring in

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