Horror Mis-En-Scene Analysis

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Analysing mise-en-scène is a crucial part of Film Studies. Write a paper in which you first present some research on mise-en-scène and its place in Film Studies, and then use that research to inform an analysis of one still of your choice from a film of your choice. Your analysis of the still should link the mise-en-scène to the film’s themes. Present the still as an appendix to your essay. The term mise-en-scene can be traced back to theatre, where it was used to describe the staging of an action. It was believed that it was the director's duty to make a script come alive through particular and very deliberate choices as to the chosen actors, props, lighting etc. In Film Studies it is used as a way of analysing the meanings behind films and how the director/filmmaker has brought the audience to infer these meanings. This paper will first present secondary research on mise-en-scene and its validity to the study of film, before utilising mise-en-scene as a tool to analyse a shot from a film. (For chosen film shot, see appendix). The paper will conclude with a final comment on how mise-en-scene has been used in my example and the effectiveness of it as a means of reflecting the film's overall themes. Due to the important nature of mise-en-scene as a tool for the study of film, it is somewhat of a surprise that there is a comparative shortage of it within modern film criticisms. Gibbs states his belief that it is seemingly the broad definition of its meaning that lead writers to "underestimate the importance of misè-en-scene" (2002:1). The rough translation of the term mise-en-scene from its French origins is "put in to the scene". The study of mise-en-scene, therefore, is the analysis of a filmmaker's choices as to the many different aspects they include to communicate messages and ideas to their audience. Our experience as an audience is shaped by the manner in
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