Movie Analysis: Domino

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Domino This paper will through an analysis and discussion examine the stylistics aspects of the movie “Domino” by Tony Scott. Amongst these stylistic aspects, the dominant focus will lie upon mise-en-scene; sound and editing. First of all, the light- and colouring effects of Domino are observed to have a prominent appearance in the general expression of the movie, which shows that Tony Scott’s cinematography evidently constitutes a primary constituent of his artistic style, thus an analysis of mise-en-scène seems to be a reasonable element to investigate .The study will take part in 3 different scenes, where we will examine the stylistics aspects of the movie. The important part of Mise-en-Scene analysis is not just to identify the components within a shot. Our study will explain and interpret the meaning or the significance behind those components, and by then try to connect the shot to the themes of the film. Tony Scott applies several genre specific editing techniques, which accordingly suture the audience to the stories multiple levels. Tony Scott is mixing up the sound effects, which links the audience to the drama and the history of the movie, providing a coherent structure. 00:45-1:00 In the first scene of the movie we are presented with the main character “Domino” (Keira, Knightley). In terms of Mise-en-scene our eyes are firstly attracted to Keira, who is lighting up a cigarette. The yellow contrast of the scene is presenting Keira in a dominant matter, and the size of Keira is important because she is achieving the focus of the viewer, and the fact that she is enlightened by a shard contrast is also contributing to this. The lightning of the scene is also very important, as it sets the mood. We can see that the instructor is using a “low key lightning” – as it features diffused shadows and atmospheric pools of light. The “low key lightning” is used
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