Kuleshov: "Montage Is the Foundation of Cinematography" - Discuss

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Theory into Practice Theories of Montage: Russian Formalism, Kuleshhov, Pudovkin, Eisenstein, Czech Structuralism: “Montage is the foundation of cinematography.” (Kuleshov) Discuss. By Ben Hoy-­‐Slot ontage is a theory. It is one that is tied into many aspects of filmmaking, but most prominently those of editing and cinematography. It is a technique that has been exploited to dramatic and remarkable cinematic effect by some of cinema’s most recognised and worshipped auteurs, including Eisenstein, Kuleshov and Pudovkin. Kuleshov’s statement, as it appears in the title for this essay, clearly attempts to define what cinematography is through the means of ‘montage’. These two facets, montage and cinematography, are huge driving forces behind film, its message, and how it affects any given audience. It is, therefore, important to explore this powerful declaration from such a notable mind in the world of film and image making in general. Andrew (1976, p. 5) suggests: Film theorists make and verify propositions about film or some aspect of film. They do so for both practical
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