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My regards to you all, this is my book presentation, for this quarter, I decided to take a side-turn from my usual tradition of choosing a harry potter book, but never-the-less, I have chosen a book about dragons, wizards, magic rings and every other super-natural thing the human cerebrum can think of, that’s right folks, I’m talking about none other than the awesome fantasy classic, “the Hobbit”. This book is a prequel to the lord of the rings, (which I have just begun to read), and is classified more as a bed-time novel than an epic adventure. This book is about Bilbo Baggins, a peculiar creature known as a hobbit, who lives a pleasantly dull life in a luxurious burrow in the shire. He is definitely the last person one would expect to be mingling with wizards, fending off giant spiders, and going on a great adventure. That was his philosophy of life, to stay a good deal away from things which would make him “late for dinner”, one fine day, while he is just about to prepare for jis afternoon tea, his world is turned upside down when he has been targeted by a group of renegade treasure hunters, who ask him to join their quest in defeating the great dragon Smaug, who sits under the lost treasures of their great ancestors. And why do they choose Bilbo, you may ask? Because their mentor Gandalf (who is a wizard) thinks that he would make a good burglar. And so before Bilbo is entirely sure what is going on, he is swept off onto a very unrespectable adventure. Bilbo and his fellow treasure hunters battle goblins, are nearly eaten, and are captured and forced to riddle with the treacherous, withered orc Gollum, these are only but a few of the innumerable engagements the hobbit finds himself tied up in, but even after these obstacles, the dragon Smaug is still in the Lonely Mountain, patiently waiting for some silly plunderer to attempt to steal his precious abundance

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