Chapter Summary Of The Chapter 'The Great Gatsby'

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Robert Jackson 4/21/13 The Great Gatsby Ch. 5 Summary In this chapter Nick comes back from a date with Jordan to see Gatsby’s mansion lit up brightly, but no one is there and it is perfectly silent. Gatsby scares Nick when he approaches him from across the lawn. Gatsby was very nervous because he wants Nick to go along with his plan of inviting daisy over for tea, which Nick agrees to help Gatsby, and Gatsby is ecstatic. He then offers a chance to make some money with Gatsby by working with Wolfshiem, who we find out is a shady figure, but this offer offends Nick. The day Gatsby and daisy are to meet it rains and Gatsby gets terribly nervous. At the beginning of the meeting it is terribly awkward. Then Nick goes to make some tea and leaves the two alone to come back to see them both so happy and daisy to the point of tears. The romance seems to be totally back and realizing that they no longer know Nick is there he leaves them be. The Great Gatsby Ch. 6 Summary…show more content…
We learn that Jay Gatsby is really James Gatz. He worked for a man names Cody where he became his personal assistant. Cody then died and left Gatsby $25,000 but he never got it because of Cody’s mistress. Then we go back into the present where daisy, Nick and Tom go to one of Gatsby’s parties. All seems to be usual but after Daisy leaves, Gatsby, frustrated, comes over to Tom and Nick and asks if Daisy had an unpleasant time, which was true. This is where we realize that Gatsby’s intentions to have Daisy leave Tom for Him. Then at the end Nick says that with Daisy Gatsby’s dream would be effectively

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