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Although: In Vietnam, John Wade had the opportunity to feel closer, the time for loneliness was coming to an end for him. He adopted the role of Sorcerer to become a respected, fearless soldier in the eyes of his comrades. Like his childhood, he distanced himself from relationships to concentrate on the horrible reality of war. As Sorcerer, he was able to kill without doubt and follow orders. He was seen as the magic protector of the squad as he also performed magic tricks in war. Sorcerer was able to keep him and the others safe and survive the Vietnam war. Extra: It was evident that John’s need for control and ever growing need for love continued into his adulthood. He stalked and spied on her and used magic to win her love. There was something disturbing in the way he described their love though. “He compared their love to a pair of snakes he's seen along a trail near Pinkville, each snake eating the other's tail, a bizarre circle of appetites that brought the heads closer and closer...’That's how our love feels’ ”…show more content…
John Wade is named Sorcerer because of use of magic in his youth and how the men is his squad would feel protected because of his magical powers. As Sorcerer is Wade's alter ego, it seems that it goes on to cost him dearly later in his life. Wade eventually ends up becoming governor of Minnesota and tries to run for U.S Senate. He loses in a landslide victory to his opponent as evidence of the My Lai incident is uncovered. His actions as Sorcerer start to make his life for the worse. It is seen later that Wade's wife, Kathy, is missing and Wade is soon suspected as he remains calm and not involved in the search party. O’Brien does not make it clear on how it Kathy's disappearance occurs but it is clear what happens. Sorcerer arrives again in John Wade as he pulls one final magic trick: to make Kathy

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