Honors Program Essay

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D.D. Hachar Honors Program “A human being has not attained his full heights until he is educated,” quote by Horace Mann. Granted admission to the D.D. Hachar Honors Program will open many doors of opportunity for my future. Currently, I am a sophomore majoring in psychology. I work two jobs. The first job is on campus. My weekend job is at the Children’s Museum, or Imaginarium as a program specialist. My foremost priority, however, is my education. My educational goal is to obtain a PhD. in Health Psychology. Ultimately, my leading goal in life is to become a certified yoga instructor with a PhD. My decision is because understanding consciousness, as well as the functions of the human mind is important in determining theories regarding why and how the process of self-awareness is created. I have always found psychology to be fascinating because the studies of philosophy and physiology combine to create an entirely new study. Financial Aid is currently assisting me with necessary fees. Although I have the temporary funds to continue, I am certain that my placement of academics is not at its full potential. The Honors Program describes four virtues: commitment, excellence, challenge, and enrichment. Nothing worth having comes easy. I strongly relate this statement to an accomplished education. Naturally, I have superior qualities of determination, logic, responsibility, willpower, achievement- oriented and creativity. Certainly, working two jobs makes focusing on school more difficult, which is why I plan to resign my position at the Children’s Museum. The Honors Program will greatly assist my financial needs and require my dedication and concentration. This is my educational quest. I will let no obstacle stand in the way of conquering my goals. A goal is the destination of a journey; my life has plenty. Every human being must
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