Homosexual Rights In The United States

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Homosexual Rights Many people argue that homosexuality is wrong, that its a sin, and claim it is gross or inhuman. Likely, people who claim this are uneducated straight people and they have never actually talked to a homosexual person about their relationship. Or, perhaps they have never thought about how homosexual people might feel when they are being discriminated against, when they are being called names. Or they simply don’t care enough to ask and find it easier to just discriminate against them rather than look at the other side of the story. Well today is hopefully the day that they will learn that it’s really none of their business, and that we all look the same on the inside, and they should just have the same rights as everyone else because there would most likely be less problems if they had the same marriage rights. The straight people may not necessarily be 100%…show more content…
Now people have stooped so low that most people discriminate against people because of their sexuality. What happened to the love and peace that everyone back in the 1970’s always talked about? When everyone believed that peace and love and no discrimination was the only way to go, if everyone today thought that the United States would probably be one of the most peaceful countries in the whole world. And why can’t homosexual people have the same rights as everyone else? It’s not like anyone is getting hurt by letting people be happy. This is the United States everyone is supposed to have the same rights. “Gay and lesbian rights are not ‘special rights’ in any way. It isn’t ‘special’ to be free from discrimination - it is an ordinary, universal entitlement of citizenship.” (Bond) But clearly that isn’t how it is anymore. "The Church teaches that respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual behaviour or to legal recognition of homosexual unions."(Mary

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