The Straight Way or the Gay Way Essay

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The Straight Way or the Gay Way; Why should it Matter Which Way The Straight Way or the Gay Way; You Don’t Choose to Be This Way According to, “Whether sexual orientation is a trait we are born with (nature) or is caused by the environment we are raised in (nurture) has been debated by scientists, religious leaders, elected officials, and the general public.” (Born Gay, 2013). Because this is an ongoing debate, homosexuals are denied the same civil rights as heterosexuals. Religion aside, why are homosexuals denied the same benefits as heterosexual couples? One main reason is because opponents consider homosexuality to be a choice. Scientist are still researching if humans are born gay, however, according to American Psychiatric Association (APA) “Sexual orientation emerges for most people in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. And some people report trying very hard over many years to change their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual with no success. For these reasons, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation for most people to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed” (Association, 2000). Even if you are not born gay, if you do not choose the way you are then there shouldn’t be anyone out there telling American citizens that they are denied the same rights as others. One main issue with homosexuals not receiving the same rights as heterosexuals is the lack of benefits. Due to that fact that gay couples cannot get married in most states, they also do not have access to most benefits that married couples receive. These benefits include: * Death benefits: if a spouse of an unmarried couple passes, the other spouse cannot receive bereavement, right to file wrongful death claims, or inherit assets. * Family leave: gay spouses do not receive paid leave to care for a sick partner or

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