Homework Is Harmful and of No Use for School Children

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Homework is a subject of controversy among teachers and researchers. Some teachers want the students to have homework and some do not. The amount of homework and the experiences of doing them may affect the students motivation towards school. Therefore this essay will argue for the fact that homework is harmful and of no use for school children. There are good reasons as to why homework is harmful. Svensén (2013) claims that not all students will get the same help with homework at home and they may not get a nice experience of homework. The reasons for this can be many. Parents may not find the time necessary to help their children. Parents may have difficulties with the language and therefore cannot help their children. Furthermore, parents can find that they do not have enough knowledge of their children's subjects. Some students on the other hand get a lot of help and a nice experience of homework. This is not equal and therefore a reason not to have homework. On the other hand, the opposing side usually argue that there are good reasons to insist on regular homework for school pupils. Normore and Pelletier (2007; p. 87-88) claim that if a student does well with the students' homework that has an impact on the students academic success. They say that it is most significant in the grades that students get on classroom evaluations. Since the opposing side believe that good grades increase due to performance on homework they argue that homework should continue. Secondly, policymakers have been heard arguing that more homework will improve education and learning (Svensén, 2013). Although the opposing side shows interesting arguments, claiming that children should do homework for these reasons is to exaggerate the importance of homework. To begin with, one can argue that the improvement in students' achievements is questionable. Normore and Pelletier (2007; p.
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