Homeless Essay

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“The Blind and the Deaf” Many people that know how to read and write take it for granted. The many that do not know how to read and write salivate at the idea of having the privilege to be included in all of America. I have had firsthand experience of illiteracy. The essay Jonathan Kozol wrote about homeless people made me go back to the times my family and I went through with illiteracy. It is so hard to make it in the world when the world’s success rides on people’ education and knowledge. In the essay called, “The Homeless and Their Children”, by Jonathan Kozol, readers get a more appreciation for being literate in this era. In his report readers are introduced to a homeless lady raising four children in New York City. The main point Kozol gets through is how extremely beneficial being literate is today. Without knowing how to read and write the world just passes you by as if nothing had a meaning. Knowing how to read is a very critical asset in your life. For instance, in the story Kozol reads a letter to the mother from the hospital about her child having lead poisoning. The mom does not know how to read, and if no one would have read it to her the paper would of just been another addition to her unread mail. As you can see what is the point of the hospital sending her very important news about her kid’s health if she could not read the letter (Kozol 257)? Also, as much as knowing how to read is beneficial; knowing how to write goes hand in hand. In his story Laura (the mother) is on welfare to help her with all the expenses and the rent she has to pay to stay at the Martinique Hotel that houses nearly 400 hundred homeless families. During her time there she gets a letter from the welfare office stating that her benefits have been taken away. Her benefits could still be there if she had known how to read and write. This problem started form her
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