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Home sweet home. With an increased standard of living and the glowing positive effects by globalization, people nowadays enjoy a better life. Yet, there are still countless people who complain and whine over their lives. It is not uncommon to see a high flyer that has a peaceful and stable life at home, not satisfied with life and trying hard to enrich their lives even more. For example, a person may not be satisfied with a HDB flat and wants to live in a condominium. Until then, that very home he still lives in will be perceived as just another house but not home sweet home. Many teenagers and young children grumble over their homes, citing reasons that they are too small, cramped, plain and not well-furnished at all. They expect a lot from their homes. For example, a teenager may demand their home to have a computer, an air conditioner, television and other electronic gadgets before they even consider the house to be a home. Home sweet home will have meant parents caring over them and some may even ask for too much. Fulfilling the prerequisites may mean too high an expectation, such that the boundaries are in line with being perfect. Humans simply have an insatiable greed. Even from the comfort of their homes, they seek perfection. Home sweet home means that the sky is the limit, and that they must have everything in their homes to be able to consider the houses they are residing in as homes. They often let such irrational thinking get to their heads and they forget that they are not facing up to reality. In stark contrast, home sweet home means a total different entity to other groups of people. For example, there are the gypsies who travel around and live about without a stable home at all. To them, home sweet home may not have existed at all. In war torn countries, war refugees do not have control over where they reside in. They stay in refugee camps,

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