Home Hospice vs Inpatient Hospice

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My question was:

Mrs. Thompson, I would like to know from your experience which is better for the patient and his/her family, hospice at home or in a hospital setting. Sometimes, there are many problems for the family to care for their love ones at this time due to emotional feelings and physical burden. What do you think is best?

Mrs. Thompson answer:

Philosophically and practically, the goal of hospice care is to stabilize the patient's condition in order to permit him to return home, where most people say they would prefer to die. There are several points to note, in this context:
1. This is a very Western European-centric view. E.g., Navajo people prefer to die in hospice since to die at home would not only be bad luck but would require the destruction of that house. Hence, we must ask and listen to what a person wants.
2. There must be some adjustment to the concept of "home." Some elderly people live in nursing homes and may receive hospice in the nursing home, which is their HOME.
3. Finally, the emotional toll that caring for increasingly frail family members is hard and most especially when financial issues (inability to take time off from a job, or no insurance) increase the level of stress. For these individuals, Medicare permits hospices to offer "respite" to the families, during which, for a finite number of days per 3 month period, the hospice patient returns to the in-patient setting to give the family a chance to catch their breath and catch up on daily life, or take a vacation.
4. I hope that we will improve our ability to care for patient and family under the new health care bill passed two years ago and finally being implemented by the states. We must work hard to ensure that Florida sets a standard that we can be proud of - Florida has a lot of work to do in this area. I hope that you and your colleagues will be nurse

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