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Losing it all The Reality of Alzheimer's Disease - Documentary Video Health 200 project – Movie Critique Prepared by: Firas Haddad PN 0910 February 4th 2011 Losing it all – Documentary - The Reality of Alzheimer's Disease Proper understanding of Alzheimer’s disease is a very important tool for nurses so they can develop therapeutic communications techniques with those clients, it is also important for the caregivers to know how to deal with their diseased family member. This documentary offers a personal glimpse into the lives of five victims of Alzheimer disease and their loving families, among which lots of grief and frustration were built up over the years. The families who are the caregivers in most of these cases talks…show more content…
Therefore a stereotyping related to aging is not evident in this video. A different incident that might be considered as stereotyping or just a genetic issue when the cousins were discussing their fears of becoming victims of Alzheimer’s disease, just like their parents (the pilots’ son and the nurses’ daughter). As Alzheimer’s is in the family genes, and it is coming sooner or later, of which affects their perception of life and the reality of Alzheimer’s disease and its heredity relatedness. Physical signs of aging Physical signs of aging were clear in the video, although there were just signs of normal aging, there aren’t much more to differentiate Alzheimer’s patient, other than the poor nurse who has been in her bed suffering along with her family for more than six years. Signs of aging were presented in the video in many situations and many people, but the most common signs were: skin wrinkles, and grey hair, other than that was definitely something related to some kind of a disease. So the physical signs of aging are something that cannot be hidden, therefore it was appropriate. Evidence of theories of

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