Hinduism: the Creation of Man and Woman

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Hinduism: The creation of man and woman We know the two origin of creation. One is based on the bible (christian), the creation of man and woman by God. The other is the scientific study of the creation, the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. Little did we know that there are also other stories on how did humanity really started. In Hinduism, they also have their own share of story on the creation of man and woman. Lord Brahma, after creating Devas, Asurs, Pitras was completely tired. He decided to rest and to reflect on his works that he has done, when suddenly in his rest, a form manifested in his image. Thus, the creation of the first man was born. The First man was called Swayambhu Manu who was born from the kaya of Lord Brahma. With Manu being created, there´s also a feminine him created, Shatrupa the counterpart of Eve. We may think that the creation in the bible is similar to Hinduism except for the names, but there are some differences between the bible (Western) and Hindu in terms of creation. First, in the bible, God created Adam. In Hindu, Manu manifested on his own. Second, the woman (Eve) was created from the rib of Man. In Hindu tradition, the man and woman have rose from Lord Brahma. Thus, the result of equality in sexes. Third, Hindu has no concept of original sin. Lastly, Hinduism dosen´t have a devil who disguised itself into serpent to tempt Eve, thus resulting for them to be exiled. Lord Brahma properly asked Manu and Shatrupa to make or establishes theirselves on the planet Earth. After this episode the happenings in the bible and puranic story matches. They multiplied and became what of us today. The idea that Adam and Eve were created fully grown and is not connected to the umbilical cord like other humans matches the concept of Hindu of Manu and Shatrupa who emerged from Brahma and has no biological parents. According to
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