Explain How the Bible Shows the Creativity of God?

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1.Explain how the bible shows the creativity of God? (25 marks) In the bible God is described as the creator of everything. This is accepted without being questioned rather than being a matter of discussion. The nature of God as creator is most clearly seen in passages from genesis, Job and Psalms. God is described as the creator meaning he designed and produced everything. According to Christian tradition, God caused the Universe to exist, he is responsible for the Universe coming into existence and existing at every moment. God is also responsible for everything that will ever exist in the Universe. God is seen as a craftsman in Job 28, this is where he is described as the designer who laid the very foundations of the earth. God is pictured as being in control of the sun and the moon even though we know through science that they follow regular patterns of behaviour. In genesis 2, God making Adam from dust. As he is a creator, he is viewed as being in control in the bible. In Isaiah, God is described as sitting above the earth and having the power to reduce the princes to nothing. The same idea is shown through the genesis creation stories when God throws Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. In Christian belief, God created the world out of nothing. The idea of God creating the universe out of nothing is referred to as Creatio Ex nihilo. However, there are some hints in the earliest writings of the Bible that God shaped pre-existing unformed objects. To many people today, the idea of creation ex nihilo is appealing because it fits in with the idea of the universe and time, all beginning at the big bang. Within the bible God is given a huge range of titles, such as almighty or warrior, which tells us something about the nature of God. These titles are not to be interpreted literally. Instead the image of God being a potter is telling us about Gods
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