Biblical Worldview Essay

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Biblical Worldview according to Romans 1-8 The epistle of Romans has so many lessons how Christians should live. It creates the whole idea of how Christians should view the natural world, their identity as people, their relationships, culture and civilization among other things. Romans 1-8 is rich with Paul’s advice to the Christians in Rome that is not easy to understand without looking deep into it. These scriptures show the inability of good works to save mankind and the faithfulness of God in the salvation of mankind that justify, sanctify and glorify the wretched man through grace. The Natural World God created the natural world through His word. This shows the nature of God as all powerful and His word as power. When God spoke, the universe and everything in it came into existence. This we know because the Bible is the word of God that it is not written by human knowledge, but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Romans 1:20 says “that the creation has been seen and understood because of God’s invisible qualities, divine nature and His eternal power so that men may not have an excuse.” It, therefore, follows that God is seen through His creation. He has made everything showing mercy to those who spit on His face that He is the same God that created everything by the power of His word. People who have seen His glory through His creation have no excuse before Him for they have seen and experienced yet rejected Him (Frank, 2013). Our Human Identity According to Paul, Christians should find their human identity in knowing Jesus and their true nature. Genesis 1:27 says “that we are made in God’s image” and according to Romans 7:25, “are joined to the father in spiritual union through Jesus Christ.”In Him, we find who we are because of the fellowship we have with Him. Romans 3:10 & 11 states “that we are not righteous at all and we do not seek God.” In other

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