Hebrews: Reoccurring Themes

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The book of Hebrews is has about three reoccurring themes. I believe though that the major one is that the way of Jesus is the better way. The word better appears in Hebrews many times. When reading this book we will get out of it that no matter what you believe Jesus’ way is the better way. The Bible states that with Jesus we have better hope, and that our rewards for living life His way will be better. We also know from Hebrews that heaven is the better place to be. We know that heaven is place where streets are paved with gold, there is no sickness and no one is ever sad. Jesus had way better sacrifices than we did. He lived His life sin free then died on the cross for our sins. We will have a better resurrection then any other religion will have. Another theme is Jesus is our great High Priest, he is superior to all other earthly priests, he is sinless and the Son of God and his teachings and way to follow is what others should strive to do to see the word of God and the light. One other theme is we learn that God now speaks through His son, Jesus and the words and teachings he presents and shows is the word of God, his faith and blessings. We look upon Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith and we…show more content…
I need to remember that no matter what God is the better way to live. I know at times it can be hard to be a young adult in this world. We will have many temptations to get through. If we have Jesus on our side He will help us, then our reward will be better then if we fell into those temptations. In our society today we have to many other ways than Christianity. Everyone else needs to realize that Jesus is the better way, like the book of Hebrews tells us. They rely a lot on other religions today and if they could just see it then they might realize, that with Jesus your life would be
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