Health and Social A01-Barriers to Access

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Values and Individual Rights AO1 A positive care environment is where people are cared for and well looked after. In this piece of coursework I shall be looking at how different services, create a positive care environment. I shall also be looking at the values the care environment uphold to keep the service users protected, and the rights of the individual service users. A positive care environment for a school is when both children and staff respect each other’s values and rights. At my work experience (BCJS) it is important for the school to have a positive care environment as the children need to feel like it is a place where they are safe and comfortable which will hopefully lead them to do well in their school work. The main points in a positive care include, values and individual rights, barriers to access, creating a positive care environment and how society promotes service users rights. The main positive care environments include hospitals etc. (health), nurseries etc. (early years), day care and residential homes (care of older people) and specialist etc. (individuals with specific needs). Creating a positive care environment is important for all of the above environments as the service users are entrusting you with their health, education and needs. It also required staff to be acceptable to anything as the service user may uphold different values and beliefs than their own. A positive care environment is created by letting the service users know that they are being looked after individually and that their needs are specially tailored to them. It is important that all values and beliefs can be expressed by those who believe in them. Care values are centred on ideas about human rights. These are rights to which all individuals are entitled. These rights are given by law and through legislation passed in the United Kingdom. Care values can also be

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