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Support children and young people’s health and safety. 1. Complete a written report describing how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in the setting. Any policy or procedure which defines or relates to the health and safety of individuals in school is written in compliance with the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 and this forms the basis of all policy. The employees have an obligation by law to report any hazards that may cause harm or injury to children or adults within the setting. These hazards may be ones which have been brought to the attention of staff, either through a risk assessment on equipment or an environment, or because of a hazard which has occurred through accidentally broken equipment, wear and tear or vandalism. These hazards should be reported immediately and depending on the severity of the hazard may be reported personally, especially if they may cause injury, or as in the procedure within my placement, written into the site managers H and S job book which is located in the staff room and can be accessed by any member of staff. This book is looked at at the start of the working day and repairs are attended to accordingly. If the hazard needs to be reported urgently and the site manager is unavailable, then a member of senior management is usually the next person available to deal with the situation appropriately. Copies of certain policies must be given to new employees or volunteers when spending time within the setting. The main policy which staff are inducted on must be ‘what to do in the event of a fire’ as this is one aspect of the Health and Safety policy which is practiced through regular fire drills. They must always be made aware of how to deal with emergencies and how to raise an alarm. This is the responsibility of all staff and the failure to report an incident or

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