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Analysis of Research Report HCS/438 November 12, 2012 Analysis of Research Report Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States over the last few decades. This has caused action on the part of government to address this problem and try to change behaviors and eating habits that might be contributing to the problem. Most people acknowledge that being overweight is not good for you, and can lead to many health problems. Our analysis of this research has shown a strong correlation to overweight kids turning into overweight adults. In particular, the study used for this research examined several factors during pregnancy and other factors showing a risk for childhood obesity and adulthood obesity. Medical records of 68.5% of the 777 children documented a height and weight at childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood (Rooney, Mathiason, & Schauberger, 2010). The statistical procedures mentioned for this study was multivariate analysis which looks at data or analysis more than two variables or that is influenced by more than one variable. Statistical procedures and significance As we can see in table 3, the measure of obesity at childhood, adolescence and whether or not the mother was obese at certain stages of the study has an influence on the relationship of the obesity measurement. Children whose brothers or sisters were obese also had higher tendencies to be overweight. With those in the 95% confidence interval being above the p value of .05 or .01 level, it shows the factors and results are statistically significant. (Rooney, Mathiason, & Schauberger, 2010) With obesity among children and adolescents at such high rates, it was a good study to find out any contributing factors that might be able to be changed. If you could change some of the contributing factors there would hopefully be a reduction in
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