Hbs Endonav and North Mountain Nursery

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EndoNav & North Mountain Nursery Case Analyses 1. Value Proposition: What is the company's central value proposition? Does the company need to change its investor pitch? If so, how and why? The company’s central value proposition is the benefit of increased productivity. Therefore, it should focus on how the product achieves this through the improved design of the scope, reduction of sedation which could lead to increased number of procedures performed and reduced costs per procedure, and reduced procedure time from 45 minutes to an hour long to only 30 minutes even for “difficult cases”. After those three topics are covered, the projected expenses, anticipated revenue, condensed market plan of action, and terms of the IP protection should be explained. I believe that the company should change their investor pitch to quickly and easily inform how the product is greater than what’s currently available in the market. As stated in the case, the value propositions are concrete but the evidence to support it are ambiguous. If I were a venture capitalist or angel investor, I’d like to know more concrete statistics, even if they are only estimations. For one, the pitch explains how many perforations occur without Endonav, but I’d like to know by how much. Two, the explanation of how it helps normalize difficult cases was confusing until I read it a few times. The most concrete piece of information in the pitch was the statement “it can reduce the procedure time to thirty minutes for all but the most difficult patients.” In this paragraph, I would word it to be as simple as possible, that 30% of cases are difficult, with 18% disrupting the doctor’s schedules. I would explain that this 30% of leads to more costs and inefficiency because of the schedule disruptions. With Endonav, all of the procedures performed would be reduced to thirty minutes or less, except for

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