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MKT 571 Week 4 Quiz Latest UOP Assignment 1. Which marketing system is another channel development in which two or more companies put together resources to exploit an emerging market opportunity? • Strategic marketing system • Vertical marketing system • Horizontal marketing system • Conventional marketing system 2. What is the practice that allows companies to maximize their market share by believing a higher sales volume will lead to lower unit costs and higher long-run profit while assuming the market price is sensitive? • Market-penetration pricing • Sensitive pricing • Target pricing • Market skimming To download the complete answer check MKT 571 Entire Course 3. Which strategy is appropriate when there is low…show more content…
When a seller agrees to accept partial payment of products manufactured with the supplied equipment it is called • buyback arrangement • free trade agreements • price adaptation • trade agreements 14. What is a simple way to engage in international marketing? • Cultural attainment • Licensing • Travel abroad • Communications Quiz Answers just a click away MKT 571 Quiz 15. What type of marketing system includes the producer, wholesaler(s), and retailer(s) acting as a unified system? • Triangular marketing system • Horizontal marketing system • Rectangular marketing system • Vertical marketing system 16. Which companies have launched a website without any previous existence as a firm? • Brick-and-click • Employee-centered companies • Customer-centered companies • Pure-click companies To download the complete paper click MKT 571 17. Which agreements are not necessarily illegal, but they do violate U. S. law if they tend to lessen competition substantially? • Tying agreements • Marketing agreements • Promising agreements • Loosening agreements 18. Companies are pursuing which objective when they start with prices high and slowly drop them over time? • Market tactics • Market pricing • Focusing on market share • Market
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